How much money is my claim worth?

Just like all legal matters, the answer is “it depends.” Generally, the final result depends on several factors, and these factors differ between insurance companies and insurance adjusters. 


Most Auto insurance companies have their own formula to determine the “fair value” of a wrecked motor vehicle. Most of these formulae are geared toward paying you less than you actually deserve. Any time a worksheet or pre-determined formula is used to assess the total dollar amount of a loss, it’s going to be insufficient since every case is different. 


Fortunately, under Texas and Louisiana law any such formula is not acceptable on its own merits - it’s only acceptable if you deem it acceptable, which you have absolutely no obligation to do. In order to determine an accurate diminished value for your damaged vehicle, our Independent Certified Expert Appraiser takes every relevant factor into consideration, including:


  • Year, make, model of your vehicle

  • Any previous damage to your vehicle, repaired or unrepaired

  • Damage to your vehicle caused by the collision

  • Cost of vehicle repairs

  • Quality of repairs that were made 

  • Cost of comparable vehicles in pre-crash state

  • Past market trends

  • Future market trends

  • Mileage at the time of the collision

D’VA obtains expert reports from our Independent Auto Appraisal Expert, who is experienced in the field of DV and who may provide expert testimony for Appraisals, Arbitrations, Mediation or Litigation, if needed. Certain damage and subsequent repairs are more deteremental to the value of your vehicle than others. Our expert appraisers can assess how the damage and repairs specifically effect the diminished value to your vehicle. There are no set rules for measuring diminished value, and since every vehicle loses value differently, a one size fits all formula would be fundamentally inaccurate. 


Remember, no one can ever guarantee a favorable outcome, let alone an estimated amount of settlement.