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D’VA Diminished Value Associates offers multiple options depending on the circumstances surrounding your individual needs. Whether you are the vehicle owner, an attorney handling the claim for a client, or affiliated with a body shop/collision center/dealership and are referring your customers to us, we have a couple of options to accommodate most diminished value situations. No matter your situation, you can contact us for a Free Consultation.

Vehicle Owner

Get started with our Claim Specialists today!

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Discounted Certified Appraisals or Attorney Referrals. Either way, your client wins!


Body Shop

Your customer will thank you for introducing them to D’VA!

Vehicle Owner – As a vehicle owner, we offer 2 options for filing a Diminished Value Claim:


1.  You can purchase a Certified Diminished Value Appraisal from us and handle the claim yourself. Our appraisal runs $450* for standard vehicles and $650* for high-end vehicles. You would submit the claim and negotiate the settlement. Our Independent 3rd party Appraisers have a collective 40 years of experience so you are assured an accurate assessment of your vehicle's lost value.

2.  We offer Claim Specialists who will complete the process for you. Our Claim Specialists handle many claims and are typically able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Once an offer is made by the insurance company you will be notified and together you and the Claim Specialist will determine if this is a fair settlement and discuss your options. The Claim Specialists fee is 35% of the settlement amount and a reduced appraisal fee of $325* for standard vehicles or $500* for high-end vehicles. If the Claim Specialist is not able to settle your claim you will not owe anything making this option a Risk Free option.

If you use your vehicle for work and are interested in learning more about a Loss of Use claim, please contact us for a consultation to see if you qualify for this type of claim.    



Attorney – As an attorney representing a client who wishes to file a diminished value claim, we also offer 2 options.


1.  You can purchase a discounted Certified Diminished Value Appraisal to assist you with filing your client’s claim. Our Appraisals will be a full report providing you with the Retail Diminished Value, the Trade-In Diminished Value, A Notarized Affidavit, the appraiser’s CV as well as Comparable Vehicle Values from CarFax to show the validity of the Appraiser’s calculations.  Our Discounted Appraisal runs $400* for standard vehicles and $600* for high-end vehicles, for all attorneys who are filing on behalf of their client.

2.  If you choose not to file the diminished value claim for your client, you can simply refer them to us and we will handle it for them. Our Claim Specialists charge 35% of the settlement and the appraisal is reduced to $325* for standard vehicles or $500* for high-end vehicles, which is taken from the settlement so that your client is not charged any out-of-pocket expense. If we are unable to settle the claim, your client will not be charged, providing a Risk Free option for you and your client.


We can also assist with a Loss of Use claim for your client if they qualify. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.



Body Shop/Collision Center/Dealership – If you are dealing with customers that are the claimant and are interested in filing a diminished value claim you can refer them to us and we will assist them with their appraisal needs or have our Claims Specialists assist them with the full-service process of filing the claim and negotiating a settlement. If you have loaner vehicles or fleet vehicles that have been damaged and repaired we can assist you with appraisals or have our Claims Specialists assist you with filing a claim to compensate you for the lost value and the Loss of Use.  


You can refer your customer to D’VA. Simply fill out the referral form and email us the Estimate of Record. We will contact them and get the process started per the Vehicle Owner options described above. Your customer will thank you for introducing them to D’VA. If you or your customer have any questions please contact us for a Free Consultation.


If you would like to discuss a dealership contract with D’VA to assist with Diminished Value, Independent Estimates for Repairs (not associated with your own body shop) to submit to insurance companies for your inventory vehicles and/or Loss of Use claims please contact us directly to speak to our contract division.

* Vehicles are evaluated and calculated based on JD Power's pre-loss retail value at the time of accident. Vehicles valued below $100k are considered standard, and vehicles valued at $100k and above are considered high-end.


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