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After a collision, your conversations with auto insurance companies may involve vehicle inspections, repair estimates, and coverage to repair or replace your vehicle. What you probably won’t hear your insurance agent talk about is your vehicle’s “diminished value.” Diminished value is a valid type of compensation you may be able to claim after a collision that damages your vehicle. To obtain this additional compensation, you must file a diminished value claim.​

How Can D'VA Help You?

Whether you are the owner of the vehicle, legal counsel to the owner or the repair center for the vehicle owner, D'VA Diminished Value Associates can assist! 

Vehicle Owners

Get started with our claim specialists today! No Out-Of-Pocket Costs!

Body Shops & Collision Centers

Your customer will thank you for introducing them to D’VA!


Discounted Certified Appraisals or Attorney Referrals. Either way, your client wins!

Most people do not realize that they have lost value in their vehicle because the insurance company covered their repairs and gave them a rental to drive until their vehicle was “brand new.” When they realize that loss in value is when they go to trade or sell their car...

Ready to find out more?

There are a few easy steps to see what D'VA Diminished Value Associates can do for you! Get started below.

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